Re-Build or Resurface? Making the decision to build a new deck vs a Resurface

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You love your outdoor space, but it is starting to show its age.  You like the functionality of your deck, and the structure seems solid, do you really need a whole new deck, or can you just give it a facelift?  In this blog post, we will explore the considerations, benefits, and difficulties of the decision on whether to build a new deck or resurface.

Building a New Deck: A Fresh Start

  1.  Your Design:

Building a new deck allows you to make it truly your own.  You get to design its layout, choose the materials, choose the colors, and bring your vision to life.

  • Structure:

A new deck ensure that the structure is up to current buildings codes.  A permit will be needed for construction and modern materials and techniques will be used.

  • Function:

Design your new deck to function well and meet your family’s needs.  Make the steps lower and less steep for aging family members, add built in seats, or add a custom firepit,  the function of you deck is a blank canvas.

  •  Increased property value:

A brand new deck holds its value, making it a great investment in your home.  Increase the curb appeal and enjoy your deck as you add equity, it’s a win win.

  • Long lasting:

You new deck will have a longer warranty than a deck resurface.  With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure years of enjoyment.

  • Modern:

The deck industry is just like any other industry, it is constantly evolving.  New materials and building techniques will ensure you deck is built to last will less maintenance.

  • Personalization:

Make sure your deck fits your personality by incorporating those flower boxes or custom dog bowls.  The possibilities are endless when building a new deck.

  • Energy efficiency:

Add energy efficient features to your deck such as LED lighting or environmentally friendly materials.  Many new materials are made sustainably and environmentally conscious.

Resurfacing Your Deck:  The Makeover

  1.  Budget Friendly:

A resurface is a budget friendly option for your deck.  You can get a fresh look without the cost of an entirely new structure.

  •  Save Time:

Without building an entirely new structure, you can get a fresh look in a fraction of the time.

  • Eco-friendly:

If the structure can be re-used, you will not have to throw away good materials.

  • Keep features you like:

If you deck has a design or features that you like, you can give them a new look while preserving what you like the most.

  • A new surface:

Wood surfaces can be quick to show their age, even on a relatively young deck.  You can get new, barefoot friendly surface and eliminate any splintering, cracks or stains.

Things to Consider when making the decision.

  1.  Assess the structure:

A deck building professional can analyze the current condition of your structure.  If the current structure is sound and is up to current building codes or can be brought up to current code with minimal changes, a resurface is a good option.  If there is significant structural issues, it is always the safer choice for your and your family to build new.

  •  Budget:

If your budget is tight and the structure is in good shape, a resurface is a nice option.  If the structure is unsafe and your budget doesn’t allow you to build new at this time, you can develop a plan for your future deck build to ensure you are getting best value.

  •  Long Term vision:

If you are planning on a totally new outdoor space and the deck is just the start, it might be best to build new, so you are getting exactly what you have in mind.

  • Professional Recommendation:

Talk with deck building professionals in your area and see what they think.  Make sure you are consulting with reputable contractors to make sure you are getting good advice.  

Whether you are planning on building new or are thinking you just want to resurface, make sure to do your research.  Both options have their pros and cons.  The age and condition of the deck will typically be the main thing to be looking at.  A deck is a gathering place for friends and family and should be a safe structure.  Decks older than 15 years are most likely not good candidates for a resurface just based on age.  Whether building new or resurfacing, your deck will be a great place to enjoy the outdoors and make many memories.   

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