Cape Cod Exterior Remodeling Project

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An exterior remodeling project is a great way to increase your homes value, add some curb appeal, fix any leaks, and and upgrade the homes energy efficiency.  With composite building materials like Azek trim and Timbertech decking, exteriors of homes are lasting longer than ever.  This is recent remodeling project done with Shea Custom Carpentry on Cape Cod.  The first step to any remodeling project is demolition, in this project, we ripped off all of the old siding and trim and covered in a house wrap to keep the home protected.

After removing all of the old siding and trim, it is time to lay out for trim.  To do this, we establish a bench mark around the building.  A benchmark is a level line around the entire building that allows us to set all of our trim level and control elevations for window heights and siding.  On this particular project, we did not replace the windows so those elevations were already set.  For trim, this project consisted of new Azek rakes, fascia, soffit, frieze, corner boards, mudguards, and window trim.  

Once all of the trim is installed.  We can start to install siding.  White cedar siding is a classic look on Cape Cod and the South Shore and has a life span of around 30 years.  The shingles are installed with stainless steel staples at about a 5″ exposure.  Where necessary, we hand nail the shingles with 5d stainless steel nails.  After the shingles are installed, we will fill all the nail and screw holes in the trim with bondo, paint, and install gutters.  This home will be maintenance free for the home owner for years to come!!

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