Front Door Replacement

Nothing can reinvent a home quite as easily and effectively as a front door replacement. The front door is the centerpiece of a home’s all-important “first impression,” yet they are often overlooked in exterior remodeling plans.

Hollow-core metal doors can be replaced with a stunning solid wood door. A dark front hallway can be brightened with new a door that includes windows and, if space permits, a vertical window on either side of it or transom above. Something that looks as though it’s straight out of the 1960s can be replaced with a door that is period appropriate.

When it comes to exterior door replacement, there is more to consider than just the front door.

Sliding door & French door Installation

Replacing a single door that opens to a deck or terrace with a set of sliding doors or French doors can infuse a space with light and work to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. If your first-floor primary bedroom has a window overlooking an adjacent terrace, we may be able to enlarge the opening and replace it with a new door. A “full-view” door, one with a single oversized window, will add light in addition to providing outdoor access.

Like virtually every product or material in your home, doors have an expected lifespan. Seals fail and caulking ages, making doors less energy efficient and dual-pane glass doors appear cloudy. Top door and window manufacturers continue to create more and more energy-efficient products that can save you money and make your home much more comfortable all year long.

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