The Value added to your home when updating your Deck.

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Anytime you make home improvements, you add value to your home.  Not only is this is a great way to protect your asset for years to come, you also get to enjoy the updates while living there and get greater appreciation. Depending on the project, you will get different returns on your investment.  Adding or updating a deck gives one of the best returns, at an estimated 60-90%.

Many factors go into maximizing the return on investment when adding or updating your deck.  

Quality: Quality and professional construction of your deck is very important.  A deck built by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing not only is going to lower the value, but can potentially be dangerous for your family and friends.  In addition, without proper permits and inspections, real estate transactions can be jammed up.   

Design: The design should be practical and compliment the home.  A seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living will be very appealing to future buyers.  

Size: The size of the deck is also going to play a major role.  A large deck adds addition square footage of “living space” and provides the opportunity to entertain for friends and family in the summer months. 

Location: A deck that is in a convenient location also helps maximize value.  If you deck is off the kitchen, with access to the backyard, it will see a lot more use than a deck tucked away off of the bedroom with limited access.   

Materials: Material choice can go a long way to maximize value.  Decks that require a lot of maintenance are seen as headaches, as most homeowners do not want to deal with the annual project.  Composite decking and railing materials that require minimal up keep add lots of value and will hold value based on their extended lifetimes.   

When building a deck with KB Carpentry,  we can help plan and execute you deck build to maximize value while also maximizing the enjoyment you will get out of using the deck.            

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